1. Categories

Under 11 (born 2012-2013)

Under 13 (born 2010-2011)

Under 15 (born 2008-2009)

Fem 13 (born 2010-2011)

Fem 15 (born 2008-2009)

*Mixed teams will be in the men's category.

**A team with at least two boys will play in the men's category

***At the request of the organization, a document proving the age of any player must be submitted at the required time.

2. Schedules and playing time

The matches will start at the scheduled time in the prepared calendars of each of the categories.

There will be a maximum of 15 minutes and a minimum of 5 minutes of warm-up on the track.

Two-minute matches will be played in a short period of 20 minutes, except in the following cases: a) at the request of the referee, b) on penalties and direct fouls, c) during the dead time or e) at the last minute of the match.

The break between periods will be 5 minutes. During the break, the teams cannot access the vendors, they can be placed on the benches or in any location on the court.

Each team will have one dead time (1 minute) per game, which is a total of two per game (understood to be non-cumulative).

3. Unplayed or unfinished matches

If a team does not arrive at the start of the match or does not show up, the match will be lost (0-3).

In case of non-holding of a match due to force majeure or by decision of the organization, it will be given as a tie with 1 point per team (3-3).

If a match cannot be finished due to circumstances beyond the control of the game will result in the final result at the time of the unforeseen event. In the event of a tie, 1 point will be awarded per team.

In the event of an unfinished match due to misconduct by one of the teams, the offending team will be the loser (3-0). Depending on the severity, the organization will make the decisions they consider appropriated.

4. Registration of players

A maximum of 14 players may be registered in the minutes. Matches can only start with 5 players.

5. Testing and scoring system

In the event of a tie, no overtime will be played. There will be a direct foul on the “direct gold foul” system.

In the event of a tie in the league system, first the individual average will be taken into account, then the general, and then the top scoring team, in case of persistence a random system will be used.

In cases where a better second, better third, etc. should be considered. First of all, the number of victories will be taken into account, and if there is a match, the difference between goals scored and conceded, if the tie persists, the top scorer, if the tie is still maintained, it will be resolved by random system.

6. Equipment

Each team must present the colors indicated on the registration form.

The team that is named second on the calendar will be considered a visitor and in the event of a color match, this will be the one that will have to change.

7. Cards

There will be a penalty match for accumulating 4 blue cards. In the case of a cumulative red card there will be no penalty match and in the case of a direct red card the competition committee will decide the penalty matches.

8. Changing rooms

The track coach will explain the locker room protocol in detail to each team leader. We ask that you respect the instructions and recommendations of the organizers as much as possible.

9. Omissions

All rules not reflected in this section will be subject to World Skate regulations by default.


1. Skills

This will be constituted for the purpose of resolving the possible claims of the participating teams and will have the power to resolve any situation typified or not in this document.

2. Claims

They must be submitted in writing and no later than 30 minutes after the end of the match, they can only be processed by the coaches listed in the register.

*A deposit of € 30 must be submitted, which will be returned in the event of a favorable resolution to the complainant.

3. Responsibilities of the clubs

The clubs are responsible for the participants in the tournament, as they are the ones who have registered the players assuming that they have no physical impediment.

*The clubs undertake to obtain the consent of the representatives of the minors to publish by any means images that are clearly identifiable and that have been obtained within the grounds of the tournament. All this, with the aim of preserving the right to self-recognition recognized in article 18.1 of the Spanish Constitution and regulated by Organic Law 1/1982, of 5 May, on the right to honor, personal and family privacy and own image. In the event that those responsible do not make a statement in this regard, the organization will understand that all authorizations are available. Otherwise, the organization must be expressly notified that the minor child has not been authorized.